10 Worst Celebrity MLB First Pitches!

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"Oops!" On 50 Cent's first swing with the New York Mets was a bit embarrassing. Everyone just laughed it off of course, but 50 Cent left people thinking, "what the heck man?" Well, he probably tried to do something spectacular.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson

With an embarrasing pitch rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson simply smiles about his surprised throw and shakes his head.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson gets the opportunity to pitch the first pitch for the Mets which turned out to be too far out of bounds to the left of home base. What can you say? He may have opened up too early. 50 Cent is a huge baseball fan and performed at halftime during the Mets baseball game in 2014.

Unfortunately the worst celebrity pitch! That was the afternoon 50 Cent gave everyone a laugh; it seemed almost purposeful. Clearly 50 Cent had the wrong stance and bad take-off. He isn't a professional baseball player, but i'm sure he could pitch way better than that if there was a second chance given. Sometimes the nerves get the best of you and you go somewhere else.

50 Cents pitch 

What a funny moment that was unexpected; Everyone was waiting to see what kind of skill 50 Cent has in baseball and turned out to be a disappointment, yet comical. Luckily no one was standing in the pathway of that baseball. I'm guessing 50 Cent was trying for a curve ball; it definitely curved.

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