2016 Fantasy Football Busts and Overvalued Players

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A solid starter, but most likely won't keep that title during the season some predict. Quarter back Blake Bortles may regress in 2016. Coming in with the 4th with most fantasy points last year and Bortles tied for 2nd in the NFL with 35 TD passes in 2015. There's no question Bortle's took a big step forward after his rookie year in 2014.

Is Blake Bortles worth holding onto...

Secure the best impact players and draft values. Avoid those players who will only destroy your roster.

It's all about that one decision on draft day that will decide if you win or lose. ESPN Fantasy Football offers its top sleepers, busts and breakouts. Check out the charts which players are in the dark and which ones are in the spotlight; it's all a gamble.

Sometimes the points of the players can go to high, so buy or beware! Not only take a look at the chosen athletes the stats; check out how far the athletes came as far as touchdowns, yards, and catches. A few players to keep in mind are QB Eli Manning (Giants) QB Blake Bortles (Jaguars), RB Duke Johnson (Browns), RB Ezekiel Elliot (Cowboys).

Fantasy Football Draft Picks

Determine the players you can draft later, but also keep a solid value on the sleepers and the players you shouldn't pick at all known as the busters. Stay away from players where there is no doubt you should avoid such as RB Mark Ingram (New Orleans Saints), WR Brandon Marshall (New York Jets), RB Devonta Freeman (Falcons) and a few more. Imagine how good you will feel when you win your league.

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