ACC vs Big Ten Challenge Always Lives Up To The Hype

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Each year in college basketball, the ACC conference plays the Big Ten conference to start the season and it never seems to disappoint. This year was no different, as each conference is always loaded with talent. They always get the match ups right as well. This year UNC played at Indiana, and Ohio State played at Virginia, just to name a few. The ACC conference is up right now in overall wins, but the Big Ten could make a comeback. The biggest upset was Indiana beating the number 3 ranked Tar heels at home.

The Big Ten's dominance and 7 year win streak finally ended on Wednesday, when the ACC won 5 of the challenges final 6 games. Since this challenge started 7 years ago, the Big Ten has won each year. This year looked like it was going to be the same, but the ACC came up big yesterday and gave the ACC there first win, since the challenge started 7 years ago. Going into Wednesday night’s games, the challenge was a dead tie at 4 games apiece, and if you looked at the match ups, it did not look good for the ACC.

Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin all lost by a combined 7 points total. That is exactly why this challenge is such a great thing to see, because each year the games are very competitive each year. Virginia Tech was able to get a huge win at Michigan, in front of the home crowd. Virginia Tech trailed the entire game against a very good one loss Michigan team, and was able to pull it out in the very last minutes of the game. The same could be said for Virginia Tech's cross state rival, Virginia, who played Ohio State. Virginia trailed Ohio State the whole game and was even down by more than 10 points at halftime. Then, in the second half, with the home crowd behind them, they exploded and ended up winning the game in the last few minutes. Virginia was able to stay undefeated on the year and gave the ACC the win they needed to take the challenge for the first time ever.

The number 3 Tar Heels were the top ranked team to go down in this challenge and they played another very good school in Indiana. The matchup between the two stories’ programs was worth the whole hype leading up to the game. The crowd at Assembly Hall was hard to ignore as the home court advantage was on display, even before the tip off. Even Hall Of Fame UNC head coach, Roy Williams, said that was one of the wildest home court crowds he had ever seen in his career. This challenge again in 2016 has proved the best and most exciting way to start the college basketball season. Finally ACC fans can rest assured as they finally have won the challenge.

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