Adrian Gonzalez Refuses To Stay With His Dodger Teammates In Chicago At The Trump Hotel

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The usual norm for sport fans is that politics and sports do not mix and should be kept apart as far as possible. The same can be said regarding protests and the Colin Kaepernick protest is an example of why sports fans may feel this way. Even when a sports player doesn’t give a reason for doing something, the act alone can make people associate something as being politically motivated.

Look at what happened with the first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Adrian Gonzalez, who in the National League Championship Series Game two became the home run hero. Back in May, he made special arrangements when the team had to travel to Chicago in playing a game against the Cubs. The Dodgers have been staying, as they have for years, at the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Now, see if you can guess what might be the political issue here before reading on. Anyway, it seems that instead of staying with the team, he made arrangements to stay at a different hotel. The first baseman did not elaborate on why he made the decision to not stay at the hotel, which is owned by the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump. Adrian confirmed by saying, “I didn’t stay there, I had my reasons.”

This is what Gonzalez said to the Orange County Register and just like jazz; it’s what he didn’t say. Now, this is where society can infer the reason for something without the individual coming out and saying why. Even though Adrian specifically did not mention Trump as the cause for staying away from his hotel, one can easily speculate why the first baseman, a Mexican-American, would avoid staying at a hotel owned by Trump. While giving a speech that would have him announces his bid to become president back in June of 2015, he said that immigrants who left Mexico to come to the U.S. are criminals and rapists; facts do not support this statement.

His family is from Mexico and he grew up there as his father in Tijuana owned an air conditioning business. Gonzalez has supported Mexican charities by donating money and his time while in the World Baseball Classic played for team Mexico. Obviously, his roots in Mexico runs deep as he refurbished Tijuana’s sporting complex, playing there in his youth, according to reports by the Orange County Register.

When the time came for the Dodgers to play against the Cubs in Chicago recently in the NLCS, Gonzalez had no issue to deal with this time. According to the Orange County Register, the whole team stayed at a different hotel instead of the Trump International Hotel and Tower for a legitimate reason. There is a non-refundable deposit policy that was in effect at Trump’s hotel and since the organization was unsure that they would make the playoffs, it would obviously be a bad idea to reserve a block of rooms that the team may not need to use.

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