All Time Greatest Goals!

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Don't you love when things go as planned? You may or may not be a sports player, you may or may not watch sports, but when you're on the field and you've got a plan in mind and it works out, there's nothing more rewarding! To be able to make that goal at just the right time when that's all you want but you think it's out of reach, it's an amazing feeling!

These goals are pretty bad a--, some are made from such a distance, some on the head, some off a player, no matter how it happened, the feeling still remains the same, it's great! You can't help but cheer even for yourself when you make something so crazy! I love watching a game, seeing a player work so hard at making a goal and then it happening. The reaction they get after is so awesome! 

Have you ever done something where you think to yourself "this probably won't happen but I won't stop trying?" Well, some of these players work so damn hard, running as fast as they can down the field, kicking the penalty shot, the off sides kick, throwing the ball in, regardless of how the goal is made, sometimes it does run across your mind that it's impossible. But, these awesome shots just prove that hard work will be rewarding in the end! 

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Liz Harmon


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