Anthony Davis Has Been An Absolute Monster Lately

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When you watch the young Pelicans star, Anthony Davis, it is no surprise that he was picked number one overall in the NBA draft a few years ago. Since his time in the NBA, he has had over 30 games where he scored 40 points and brought down over 15 rebounds. Other than Anthony Davis, the rest of the NBA has only had 8 of those games. This season has been no different for Anthony Davis, as he has been leading his young team night in and night out. At first, they were really struggling, but lately they have been able to get some quality wins and build off those. Davis is proving that he is one of the top 5 players in the NBA and as soon as the Pelicans get him some reliable help, the rest of the NBA better watch out.

Recently the Pelicans dominated the LA Lakers, behind Davis's 41 points and 16 rebounds. Davis scores with such ease, that even his teammates are saying that no matter who or how many people are guarding Davis, they will give him the ball no matter what. "I'd give it to him with four people on him," Holiday said. "It doesn't really matter. He scores that easily." That is exactly what his teammate, Jrue Holiday, said after last night’s game. Davis is playing with such a confidence, that his Pelican teammates do not think anyone in the NBA can stop the young star forward. The Lakers had a few key injuries in the game, but even if the team was completely healthy, they were not stopping Davis.

Davis did not have any dunks in the game, but he seemed to score every other way imaginable against the Lakers; posting up players and hitting turnaround jumpers all over the court. The only thing is that if you can stop Davis, then you stop the Pelicans, and the team needs to get Davis some more help if they want to compete in the very tough western conference. When the Lakers briefly threatened to get back in the game, cutting their deficit from 28 to 19 in the third quarter, Davis answered with a driving layup and straightaway 3. The guy can do it all and for now, he will need to keep doing it all to keep his young team in the playoff hunt.

Davis, who also had four steals, three assists and two blocks, even dived to the floor to fight for a loose ball with New Orleans up by 24 in the third quarter, tying up Luol Deng for a jump ball. He will do anything it takes to keep his team in a game and win the game. "I was just trying to take over the game and not let them come back," Davis said. This young star has many more years to go in the NBA and fans everywhere will be watching him and his highlight plays for years to come. It would be nice to see Davis get some help in New Orleans and really make a playoff run. The Pelicans will host the LA Clippers on Friday night and then Davis will really get to test his skills against one of the best teams in the NBA this year.

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