Are The Browns The Worst NFL Team Ever?

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Are the Cleveland Browns the worst team in the history of the NFL? This season, without a question, they are the worst team in the league hands down. With only two more games left in the 2016 season, nobody in the world thinks they will get a win at all. They are 0-14 right now and nothing has worked for them all season long. Even getting their starting quarterback, Robert Griffin lll back, has not even seemed to help their horrific offense and generate any more points for the team. Even on defense, the Browns have not been able to stop any opposing offenses at all, not even a little bit. 

Although they nearly won several games earlier in the season, they seem to be getting worse. The Browns have not been favorites to win in any moment of any game since the second quarter of Week 10, when the Browns led the Ravens 7-3 with 1:12 left in the first half. That was 271 minutes of football ago. This stat goes to show that nothing is working at all in Cleveland this season. The only positive thing for the Browns is that most likely, they will end up with the number one overall pick in next spring’s draft. However, that is not comforting Brown fans at all, as they have had numerous number one picks over the years and not one has panned out in recent years.

If the Browns finish 0-16, they will be tied with the 2008 Lions as having the most losses in one single season in NFL history. No player on the Browns is happy to have this as a stat line in the 2016 season and surely there will be major changes coming in the offseason. The Browns have been outscored by 188 points in 14 games, or about 13.4 points per contest. That is not the worst in NFL history however. The 1976 Buccaneers, who went 0-14, hold the record for that stat. The Browns have been outscored by 188 points in 14 games, or about 13.4 points per contest

So now you can start to see that they actually might not be the worst team statically in the NFL, even though they could easily tie the Lions for the most losses in a season. Despite the hiring of offense-minded Coach Hue Jackson and the presence of future Hall of Famer, Joe Thomas, at left tackle, the offense has been the biggest problem for the Browns this season. They just have not been able to score points and have been turning the ball over like crazy. So it seems the Browns are not the worst team in history, but most likely will tie the Lions for the record of most losses in a single season. 

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