Baseball Star Is Riding His Bike In Full Uniform To Wrigley Field

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Have you ever ridden your bike to work? I have in the past and it really depends on the weather and what I have going on at my office. However it is very rare that professional athletes ride their bikes to and from work. However, inn Chicago one super star Ben Zobrist is changing that. Zobrist rode his bike to his game last Saturday in his full uniform. The weather was beautiful, so Ben stated, "it was just a nice day for a bike ride, so why not ride it?"

In a video posted to Instagram by his wife Julianna, Zobrist is seen perched on his bike, wearing his white pinstriped Cubs uniform complete with a baseball glove dangling from the left handlebar. What a sight to see! I bet there were lots of fans stopping to photograph this site! Zobrist and his wife live only a mile away from Wrigley field. Ben has stated that he has wanted to ride his bike to work for a while now. I am sure Cubs fans were shocked to see one of their favorite players riding his bike to work and it is a sight they will not soon forget.

"My man is an old soul who plays old school baseball," his wife captioned the video, which racked up more than 15K views and featured their son on his own bike in the background. As a sports fan this is truly a great thing to witness. It is so special when an athlete stands out and does something different and cool. I hope Zobrist will continue to keep this trend going as I am anxious to see if any other players will follow suit.

The Cubs lost to the Brewers 11-3 so for now it seems that Zobrist new pre game ritual did not give the Cubs the best luck. I think it would be so cool to see my favorite athlete ride his bike to a game. His Cubs teammates thought it was pretty cool of Zobrist to do this and they wonder if he will keep it up in the future. Way to go, saving the planet while looking like a rock star!

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