Browns Fall To 0-10 On The Season

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Well, if you are a Cleveland sports fan, at least you have the Cavs and the Indians to root for. The Cleveland Browns are off to a 0-10 start, and things don't look like they are going to get better anytime soon. They played the Baltimore Ravens last Thursday night, in Baltimore, but it was the same old story for the Browns. They could not move the ball on offense and could not stop the Ravens on defense; it was a bad effort all around.

The Browns resorted to using three different quarterbacks on Thursday night, in Baltimore, but no matter who was at quarterback, the result was the same. The Ravens defense was all over them from the first kick off. All pro linebacker, Terrell Suggs, was causing havoc all night long for the Browns offensive line. On one play, he even hit the quarterback's arm and forced an interception. With each Browns' quarterback that came in the game, it seemed to get worse as the Browns fell to 0-10 on the season.

Two bright spots for the Browns came on defense in the form of players Jamie Collins and Joe Haden. Jamie Collins was recently traded from the Patriots to the Browns and it showed. He made plays for the Browns on defense and seemed to shed blocks all night long. If you watched the game, you could definitely tell that he had come from the Patriots where the coaching is superb. Then there was Joe Haden, who can lock down the top receiver on any team in the NFL. He came up big one play for the Browns and intercepted a pass in the end zone, to stop another scoring opportunity for the Ravens.

You would think this game would be a big time rival, as the Ravens used to be in Cleveland years ago. Browns' fans everywhere were extremely upset when owner, Art Rooney, moved the Browns to Baltimore, and they were without a team for three years. However, over the last several years, it has been one sided, with the Ravens winning the majority of the meetings each time. As an organization, the Browns have been horrible the last 10 years. They have failed on every first round pick the last few years and the biggest one recently has to be quarterback Johnny Manziel. Manziel is no longer with the team and not even in the NFL anymore. The only positive thing is that they are loaded with picks in the next two drafts. Also, it looks as though they will end up with the number one pick next year if they keep losing game after game. One thing is for sure: it is tough now a days to be a Browns fan.

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