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No matter what age you are or what level of sports you are in, things are always better when you are winning. This is the case with Carolina Panthers star quarterback, Cam Newton, who says that this year, he is just not having fun out on the field. No matter what sport you play, if you are not having fun, it can take the wind out of your sails immediately. The Panthers star is just trying to get his groove back on the field and have some fun. If you remember watching him last year, he was always smiling and dancing all over the field. However, this year has been completely different.

In an interview this week, Cam expressed that he is not having fun on the football field this year. When the leader of your team says that, it is a big issue. When you play a professional sport, it is a full time job, and even when you are making millions, if you are not having fun, what is the point? Part of the problem has to be that his team is 3-6 and in last place in their division. When your team is playing bad, you do not feel good, no matter what. This year has been a complete turn around from the amazing 15-1 season they had last year. Reaching the Super Bowl and making a historic run will make any player happy. 

He’s still among the top 10 quarterbacks out there, and there have been a few familiar moments. He threw for four touchdown passes against San Francisco. He has had a couple of dazzling runs. He has put his team in position to win for the most part, including last week against Kansas City. It isn’t like Newton suddenly forgot how to play football … he’s still Cam Newton. However, sometimes in life, you have to take a step back and reevaluate the whole situation.

There is a lot more football to be played this season and hopefully Cam can get it together. Fans everywhere miss seeing Cam running, throwing and dancing all over the field. Also, his post game conferences this year have gone from a fun, go lucky attitude to at times comparable to a whining little kid. Something has to change for Cam and his team, as they are so talented and have lots of potential. On offense, the line has been beat-up and inconsistent, and that has knocked Newton off his game. He has thrown off his back foot more often, and that usually leads to bad things. As the leader of the Panthers though, Cam cannot make excuses. He has to go out and lead his team and win ball games. In sports, winning seems to solve all problems and turns enemies into best friends. Good luck Cam, we all miss the 2015 Cam Newton. 

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