Carolina Panthers Finally Get Good News As There Star Linebacker Returns

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This year, there has not been too many things going right for the Carolina Panthers. Last season, they were 15-1 and heading to the playoffs on a high note. This year is a completely different story for the team. They are last in their division and just got blown out by the same team, the Seattle Seahawks, who they beat last year in the NFC championship game. Let's just say that things in Carolina are not going good at all. A few weeks ago, things got worse, when their all pro linebacker, Luke Kuechly, went out with a concussion injury that has sidelined him the last few games.

This week, Kuechly has returned to practice and it has already lifted the team up in a positive way. Kuechly still has to get cleared through the NFL, in order to play in a game, but returning to practice is a great start. He is the leader of the defense and one of the captains of the team. It is not clear if he will return to game play this season or not. He got hurt last season with a concussion and the same thing has happened again this year. It does not look like the Panthers will make the playoffs this year, so it might be best for him to sit out till the season ends.

Kuechly suffered the injury on November 17 and the team has not been the same ever since. Ultimately, the NFL will make the final call to see if he is ready to return to action. However, if his team does not have a shot at the playoffs, it might be better for him to rest and get ready for the 2017 season. Concussions are very dangerous in the NFL and with recent research coming out that really show the effects of these devastating injuries on the head, it would be a good idea for Kuechly to rest and get fully healthy; considering he has missed a lot of time the past two seasons due to this injury and he is not even reached his prime yet. 

At least having Kuechly back at practice is a huge boost for the team in any capacity. The Panthers need any help they can get right now, and are looking to finish the season on a strong note. His teammates are really happy to have him at least back on the practice field for now. If he can get cleared by the NFL, then he surely will play against the Chargers in the Panthers next game.

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