Colin Kaepernick Proved Stoic Amid Heckling And Defeat In Debut

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It is quite obvious that the part of Colin Kaepernick as a football player who like any other player wants to win has been forgotten, while the other side being that of a man who would stand for justice in the face of oppression has taken over. Well, he has not lost the latter part of himself and this may help you understand the type of man Kaepernick is.

He will not be distracted by boos neither will he be sidelined into mere headline. Even though he is a social activist, yet he will not let activism deterred him from playing football, and just like everyone else he will improve to advance in his career. Turning out to be what he desired he had wanted to be. In a league that is known to devour most of its talented players on a weekly basis, yet Kaepernick is prepared for every challenge as they appear.

After his first game of the season with the 49ers, he was seen putting the jersey of Marquise Goodwin (Bills receiver who had earlier asked that they both exchange their jersey after the game.) wearing a Muhammad Ali tribute shirt, with a black suit and sneakers to perfectly blend his style. Appearing as a proud African-American, an activist and a football player. A man who will not hide his identity nor trade this side of his life for anything.

Before he kneeled for the anthem, Bills supporters began chanting U-S-A! U-S-A! Like Keapernick is not an American or belong to the league. He was born in Wisconsin and raised in California. He has never said anything about leaving the country or applying for another's nationality even during the Black Lives Matter protests.

In Kaepernick's words, "I still can't understand what is un-American about fighting for justice and freedom for everyone in a country where fairness and equality is all that she stands for." He further stated, "To me, I see it as very patriotic and American."

In addition, Kaepernick knew of the challenges ahead. On Sunday he said, "I was aware of the price I have to pay for this, and I was ready for it." Even when he was told that somebody outside the stadium was selling t-shirts indicating that he deserve to be shot or during the times that it was rumored that fans threw bottles at him during a match, he was undisturbed and appeared as if nothing had happened. In his words, "that's the kind of stuffs I expected would happened if I chose that lane, therefore I would rather focus my attention on positive comments and people including some fans who believe in me."

His actions to some were just another ploy of saving his already failing career. However, with Kaepernick performance on Sunday, the truth has been revealed that he should be a regular for 49ers games for the rest of the season.

With his performance on Sunday, many of us were taken back the memory lane as we watch the player we saw in 2012 who did extraordinary things that only few players in the NFL history had done. He turned a sure safety into a run for a first down. Later, he stretched plays and gave good passes to receivers, although few went amiss. He did miss some throws, while his arm strength seems weak compared to how it was before surgeries. We are all human, and nobody is perfect, Kaepernick is not a Pro now, but at least, his overall performance is encouraging. 

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