Cowboys Beat Eagles In Overtime Thriller

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The Dallas Cowboys have been playing great so far this year and the future looks very bright. So far, the best thing about the Cowboys is that their rookie quarterback and rookie running back have been playing like season veterans so far. Sunday night, they played a very talented Eagles team, who is starting a rookie quarterback as well. In the first half of the game, Cowboys rookie quarterback looked like a rookie as he was making mistakes and looked flustered throwing the ball downfield.

However, in the second half, the rookie quarterback for Dallas seemed to get comfortable and it really started to show in his performance. Rookie running back, Ezekiel Elliot, was held under 100 yards rushing for the first time since week 2. However, he still had some key, big plays late in the game which kept the ball moving downfield for the Cowboys. He finished with 96 yards on 22 carries. This was somewhat surprising, considering he was averaging 6.5 yards per carry in the first half. None the less, he only got eight carries in the first two quarters. Credit goes to the Eagles defensive line that proved to be much better than expected.

The Cowboys earned the big win in overtime as the Eagles were right on their heels in a very tough division. "We got a lot of momentum," Elliott said. "We're rolling right now. We got to build on that. I think it's good that we had a tough game." Dak Prescott made some really big throws late in the game and the team was really happy to have star receiver Dez Bryant back, who hadn't played in weeks due to an injury. Veteran players on the Cowboys said their rookies had stepped up big this season and are playing like vets. 

After the game, Cowboy’s owner, Jerry Jones, commented on how Prescott's game-winning play looked a lot like Tony Romo: "I know Romo can make chicken salad out of chicken whatever. And so can Dak." For now, everyone in Dallas is happy and it seems that with these two rookies, the future is looking bright for this young team.

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