Cubs Get Shut Out In Game 3 of The NLCS Against Dodgers

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The Cubs started the NLCS with a great game one victory against the Dodgers, but since then it has not looked good for the team. They have struggled big time against left hand pitchers and the same was evident in game 3 when they got shut out 6-0 and are now down 2-1 in the series. Fans in Chicago are on the edge of their seats and hope the Cubs can come back in the series. "I think it's looking a little sketchy for the Cubs. But we still have hope," said fan Tiana Belanger.

Rich Hill allowed two hits in six innings to beat Cy Young Award winner Jake Arrieta. Yasmani Grandal hit a two-run homer in the fourth inning and the Dodgers defeated the Chicago Cubs 6-0 Tuesday night. The Cubs won a league high 103 games in the regular season. The Cubs looked like they were the favorites to win a championship and bring the city of Chicago there first baseball championship since 1908. However, the Dodgers are a talented team and have been deep in the playoffs before. The Dodgers are used to this type of series and the Cubs are new to this type of thing.

The Cubs need to do something and they need to do it quick if they want to get back into this series and eventually move on to the World Series. They are hoping to bounce back and get a win in game 4 against the tough Dodgers. Julio Urias starts Game 4 for the Dodgers on Wednesday and at 20 years, 68 days, will become the youngest starting pitcher in postseason history. John Lackey starts for the Cubs.

For now the Cubs will be licking their wounds and resting up for the game 4 contest and will be looking to get a much needed win before heading back to Chicago to play in front of their own fans. There are many Cubs fans who have been waiting for a championship for a very long time and this 2-1 start is not the best for them. However the Cubs are staying optimistic and look forward to getting back onto the field for game 4. 

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