Cubs Still Have a Shot to Win World Series 

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The Chicago Cubs are down 3-2 to the Cleveland Indians in the World Series, but don’t count this team out just yet. They can still win game 6 and push the series to a game 7, which every Cubs fan everywhere is hoping happens. They would be the first MLB team since 1985 to come back from a 3-1 deficit and win the World Series. None the less, the team is staying positive and optimistic, heading into game 6. The Indians have to rotate and use the same pitchers in game 6. Plus, if the Cubs win and they force a game 7, this could be very good for the Cubs, as their pitchers need rest.

“For us to get a chance to go back, (win) Game 6, and get a chance to hit Kluber again, in a third game, that’s what we’re looking for,” the Cubs’ Ben Zobrist said after their Game 5 win. “We’re excited about that opportunity. And we’re really excited about going to the city of Cleveland.” To me, it seems as though the Cubs know how important it is to rest your starting pitchers and that if they can make it to game 7, they will have a great shot. Game 6 is going to be a huge game and unfortunately for the Cubs, it will be played in Cleveland.

This might be the first time in World Series history that the National League team has the advantage when the DH is in play. Yet, that’s how unique the circumstances are regarding the Cubs and Kyle Schwarber, whose return from knee surgery enabled him to serve as DH in Games 1 and 2. He reached in five of nine plate appearances in Cleveland, and his presence in the lineup seemed massive in Game 2, when all nine Cubs reached base in a 5-1 victory.

The Cubs look to win tonight and force a game 7 and make history for a MLB team that desperately needs a World Series win soon. With Coach Jo Madden at the helm, it seems that the Cubs will be in good shape in the future and the city of Chicago is ready for a long awaited Championship right now. Game 6 should be a great game and like all sports fans, I am hoping for a game 7 in this great series.

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