Cubs Win Best Game 7 in MLB History

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Could you imagine not winning a championship for 108 years? Well, that is exactly what the fans of the Chicago Cubs have gone thru for the last decade. Finally, in game 7, against the Cleveland Indians, in Cleveland, they were able to get the win and won the World Series. This was not at all easy for the Cubs to do so. They were down 3-1 in the series and many fans, on both sides, figured the series was over and this was going to be another year the Cubs missed out on the World Series. However, the Cubs would not die and would not go out without a fight.

Going into game 7, it was anyone’s game and at times, it seemed as though it was a Cubs home game, with all the fans they had in the stadium in Cleveland. The game started out good for the Cubs, as they got an early lead and things were looking good. That stopped when Cubs coach, Joe Madden, decided to put star pitcher John Lester in the game and it was not a good move. There were two errors and the Indians scored two runs immediately. Cubs’ fans everywhere started to look very nervous after this. Nonetheless, the Cubs were able to get out of the inning and move forward.

Somehow, the Indians were able to tie it up, late in the game, forcing the epic game 7 to go to extra innings. Then there was a 17 minute rain delay that stopped the game and sent both teams inside to the locker room. While in the locker room, the Cubs held a players only meeting and it motivated them to go back out there and get the big win. The 107 year drought was the longest of any organization in the four major sports to date.

The Cubs were one of six teams ever, to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the World Series. The Cubs have made history and the city of Chicago will never forget what they did this season. This was the greatest game 7 I have ever experienced in my lifetime and I think many other sports fans out there will say the same thing. The Cubs deserve this win and they are the youngest team since 1966 to win the World Series. The Cubs are not going anywhere anytime soon and they will be a great team to deal with in the years to come. What an amazing win for the Cubs and their fans. Enjoy this epic victory Chicago fans everywhere!

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