Dolphins Quarterback Will Need To Step Up In December

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The Miami Dolphins were on a high a few weeks ago, as they were riding a 6 game winning streak and had the inside track on a wild card playoff spot. That all came crashing down when they went to Baltimore and played the Ravens. The Ravens dominated the Dolphins and ended their winning streak. Nothing seemed to go right for the Dolphins in Baltimore. The Ravens got out to an early lead in the game and did not give the Dolphins any room to get back in the game. After the game, the Dolphins realized they would need to get back to the drawing board and they need to improve all around.

For the Dolphins to make the playoffs, their quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, will have to step up and play lights out in the month of December. The Dolphins have put their faith in Tannehill, and now is the time for him to show the team what he can do. Tannehill has typically not played well in December, over the past few years, and fans are worried this season is going to be the same. He threw 3 interceptions last Sunday, against the Ravens, raising these same questions again.  For Tannehill bashers, who enjoy pointing out he has yet to make the playoffs in five NFL seasons, the performance provided fresh ammunition.

Tannehill has the talent he needs around him and the Dolphins defense is one of the best in the NFL. So now is the time. there are no more excuses, he has to get the Dolphins to the playoffs. It is clear the Dolphins will not be able to catch the Patriots, so they will not win their division this season. The Dolphins will need to win out and can hope for a wild card spot in this season’s playoffs. For that to happen, Tannehill must make plays and limit his mistakes as much as possible. "It wasn't good enough," Tannehill said. "Across the board we weren't good enough, and that includes me."

Dolphins’ fans everywhere are wondering can this guy get us to the post season. It has been 5 long seasons with Tannehill leading the team and still no playoffs. That needs to change quickly, as the Dolphins (7-5) are now a game behind in the race for the final AFC wild-card spot. With a home game looming Sunday, against dangerous Arizona (5-6-1), Tannehill acknowledged it's time to step up. "Usually teams play their best football in December," he said. "That's just the way it is. You want to improve every day, every week. Other teams are doing that as well. The best football should be played in December. Everyone has to raise their game." The Dolphins have not made the playoffs since 2008, so they need to do something or surely fans will be looking in a different direction.

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