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Attention there are no typos in the following line and no I don’t think I stutter either. I’ve done this intentionally to convey my reaction when I saw this video. I don’t like to be overdramatic or anything buuut, This . . . Is . . . KOOOOLl!! There I said it.

Far out Mr. Space-person and what a beautiful birds eye view of our planet, I should be so lucky, brave or crazy to be in his/her space boots in witness that beautiful heavenly vista of earth that I just saw. Okay now I’m switching to imagination mode . . . please standby. Okay my imagination mode is telling me to finance the next James Bond movie and hey here’s my pitch for my title opening sequence.

This guy in a flying squirrel suit jumps out of I guess an airplane “flying high again” (Sounds like a metal song or something) over the stratosphere and landing on a very cold and snowy mountain to climb and reach its summit with his/her hands to infiltrate the bad guys but only to find that you got the wrong mountain, so you decide to ski down the side (Hey we got the footage, you just saw it) of the mountain and then fall of the cliff . . . Did . . . you . . . see . . . THAAT! At the end of the ski slope he/she flew over the helicopter! Go 007 go. No waaay! Did you see that, another extremely crazy 007 gliding through that mountain’s needle eye.

I could go on and on and on and on but just watch these clips yourself and realize what a boring and mundane life most of us are living compared to these extreme athletes. Now obviously this is intensive, no wait extreme sporting and can raise your blood pressure a bit and do not recommend this for individuals with hart conditions and the sort. But man, it does look like fun and only wish it wasn’t so dangerous. So probably like most of us I’ll have to settle getting my kicks from watching this video.

Whaaa!! I guess you’ve seen it all when you see a motor cycle riding a wave. Excuse me I need to take my valium now because I could swear I just saw a gorilla jump over speedracer’s car. After the valium had worn off, I realized one thing . . . I love these extreme athletes or superheroes (They could be). I got to go to bed now but I will leave you with these words of wisdom: It just goes to show you how much the human body can endure almost anything but just the same, I’d rather endure it from the comforts and safety of my couch . . . thank you.

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