Famous Announcer Craig Sager Passes Away At Age 65

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If you watch the NBA, then you know who Craig Sager is. He is the colorful announcer who is always wearing the most outgoing and colorful suits every game. His suits and his great personality have made him a staple at big time NBA games over the years. However, just recently he passed away at the young age of 65 from Leukemia. He had been fighting the disease and it had been an up and down struggle through the years. Sager underwent his third bone marrow transplant, over a three-year span, last August, which his son, Craig Sager Jr., said was an unprecedented operation. Everyone in the NBA loved Sager, as he could always bring a smile to the most intense player or coach no matter what. 

It was a sad day last week when Sager passed away and the whole NBA family took notice and felt horrible. "While he will be remembered fondly for his colorful attire and the TNT sideline interviews he conducted with NBA coaches and players, it's the determination, grace and will to live he displayed during his battle with cancer that will be his lasting impact.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Craig's wife, Stacy, and the entire Sager family during this difficult time. We will forever be Sager Strong." A representative from TNT said those kind words about Sager. I am sure that some NBA players will be conducting tributes for the announcer all season long. 

Sager had been a sideline reporter with CNN and TNT for decades and was at the top of the class. He had a sort of calming sense about him that was contagious with everyone around him. Sager was awarded the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the 2016 ESPYS, and his acceptance speech was wonderful. He never gave up fighting his disease and was even back on the floor in the NBA, for last summer’s playoffs. The reaction he would get from players and coaches, when they still saw him working the sidelines in his outgoing suits, was simply amazing. He will be missed by everyone associated with the NBA. There are some fans who would not even watch the game, they just wanted to see which colorful suit Sager was going to show up in next.

One thing certain is that sports fans everywhere will be missing Sager this NBA season, and for some reason we will still be wondering what crazy suit he would have been wearing for each game. Sager has made his mark and nobody will soon forget the flamboyant announcer and all his sideline antics. He brought such joy to the NBA and made fans everywhere feel welcomed anytime they approached him at games. He fought his disease until the very end and he never stopped working and fighting.  Rest in peace, Craig Sager. We’ll always be Sager Strong.

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