Former Girlfriend of Cowboys’ Player Files Two Police Reports In One Day

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Dallas Cowboys’ running back, Ezekiel Elliott, looks to have found himself in a bit of legal trouble. On Friday morning, Elliott’s girlfriend publicly accused him of domestic violence with two police reports at the Columbus Police Department.

Police were dispatched early Friday morning to the scene of the alleged crime. Tiffany Thompson, who is the former live-in girlfriend of Elliott, alleged that he attacked her in her vehicle as it was parked in the driveway. In the report, Elliott denies the allegations and even denied ever living with Thompson. No arrests were made and four witnesses came forward saying they had seen no evidence of any such attack.

The second police report was filed the same morning by Thompson and it alleges abuse between July 16th and July 20th. Thompson claims that Elliott hit her repeatedly in the four-day span and left bruises all over her. These allegations were also denied by Elliott as he claimed her bruises stemmed from a fight she had in a bar. No arrests were made in conjunction with these allegations either. 

While requests were made for comments from both the Cowboys’ organization and Elliott’s agents, no responses were immediately returned. TMZ Sports quoted a spokesman from Elliott’s agent’s office, “I can assure you [the allegations] are not true.” The NFL is also conducting their own investigations into the claims made against Elliott. “We begin a review when we become aware of a potential violation of the personal conduct policy,” a league representative informed TMZ Sports.

Just a few hours after filing reports with the police, Thompson took to social media, posting Instagram photos of bruises and allegations of months of abuse. Her first photo contained photos but never names Elliot directly. She only mentions that she had been thrown across rooms several times, tossed into a number of walls, and was also suffering mental abuse.

She became even more vindictive with her second post, after posting photos of more bruises and specifically tagging Elliott’s personal Instagram as well. Both of her posts were deleted after the fact, but Deadspin was able to capture screenshots of them before they were removed. 

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