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Going to the gym has been a past time for ages. Many people go to lift weights, just do cardio, or take fitness classes. Even though some go to the gym and participate, some of the time there isn't much real exercise going on, or proper use of equipment. If you've ever been an onlooker these clips will be sure to make you giggle. Young, old, fat, and slim people of all shapes and sizes just don't get what the right protocol for the gym can be, and make it all the more enjoyable for the rest of us, so to speak.

One can move your head ever so slightly at a gym real quick and sometimes your eyes can find the funniest moments of fellow members who seem just not quite up to par. A lady seen on an upward incline walk seems to be sporting more than her sports bra, with her onsie thong sticking out for everyone to see her undergarment youthfulness display. How about the man who has too much weight on his barbell and tries to lift it but then falls backwards onto the floor. A much needed laugh could escape anyone's lips as a young man bends quite oddly to perform what seems ab crunches in a non traditional manor. 

Some of the best bloopers are also seen on the weight machines, when the machine is being used too fast or in a discombobulated way. A woman can be seen trying to use a row machine, but instead of her hands she's decided to use her feet. She ends up bending her legs over her head and causing the whole machine to fall on its side. Some fellow gym goers have also been seen using machines for anchors for their feet in order to complete some sit ups. 

Nothing escapes the classicness of falling off the treadmill as it runs. 

In retrospect, try not to be that person who everyone sees but few mean to actually watch. It can be as painful to watch as to endure sometimes. If you're not careful you may end up on a blooper reel, for more than just a gym room audience to enjoy. If you have endured an embarrassing gym session, dust yourself off and try again, but next time grab a trainer. 

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