Greatest Catches in MLB History

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WHAT A CATCH! This is a video of some of the best baseball catches of all time. If you are every questioning yourself of how much talent you would need to make it into the major leagues, just watch this video clip and it will answer your question instantly. The players making these catches is what makes baseball such a fun and exciting sport to watch. Enjoy watching some of the greatest baseball players, make some of the best catches in the history of baseball. 

Look at this catch! His stance and reach explains his athletic capabilities. This action photo is a photo taken of one of the best catches of all time. If anyone every wonders how much talent you need to make it to the major leagues, just show them this photo and it will explain itself. What a catch!!!

Who doesn't love baseball? These baseball catches are something only a professional could do. Watch this video and the catches these professional athletes manage to do, will blow you away. These are considered the best catches of all time. You might have been watching some of these games at the time, but if you forgot this will sure refresh your memory of how amazing these catches truly are.

One of my favorite's is the no hitter that George Zimmerman accomplished. That outstanding catch that his teammate caught, made him one pitcher that got to feel the feeling of a no hitter game. That just shows you that having teammates can really help you out in more ways than you can think of. Not many pitches have received or even got to experience the feeling of a no hitter game. But, his teammate made that happen for George Zimmerman as he made one of the greatest catches of all time. Now, that is what I call teamwork. 

Check out Derek Jeter when he catches that ball and couldn't slow down his momentum to stop him from flying into the fans! If that doesn't explain his talent, I don't know what will. That was one of the best catches I have seen in my life. Derek Jeter is a very well known player not only for "making a catch" but a well known all around talented baseball player. This catch just gave you a glimpse of his capability of a baseball player. Now, I understand why he is one of the highest paid baseball players of all time. 

It doesn't matter with these players if the catch is made behind, in front, sideways, or barehanded. A catch is catch and these baseball players in this video have really showed us their incredible talent. I watch some of these and think that there is no way that they will be able to catch them. I wait a second, and I'm wrong it is caught! Some of these major league baseball players with these catches really prove to the fans why they made it to the big leagues. 

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