Jacksonville Jaguars Make Unprecedented Move To Increase Traffic To Stadium

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If you are just as obsessed with Pokémon Go as some of the country is right now, then you need to start packing your bags to head to Jacksonville, Florida. On Saturday Pokémon history will be made as the Jacksonville Jaguars open their stadium doors for the first ever “Pokémon Safari”.

The Jaguars, in conjunction with FanDuel, have decided to allow entrance to EverBank Field in Jacksonville for Pokémon trainers to expand their abilities. This is the first event of its kind to be held at a major professional sports venue, but it is setting the stage for future events. The safari will incorporate a self-guided tour through EverBank Field as well as exclusive Pokéstops and gyms throughout the venue. 

Steve Ziff, VP of Marketing and Digital Media for the Jacksonville Jaguars, released this statement via the Jaguars website about the event: “We know that everyone has been all over Jacksonville playing Pokémon Go, but have not had the opportunity to play inside EverBank Field. That’s why we’re opening up the stadium for our fans. We want all Jacksonville Pokémon trainers to be the very best and to catch ‘em all!”

How cool is this?!

The goal of the event is to stir up some enthusiasm and appreciation for the team so that hopefully, the trainers remember how incredible this event is and they will want to attend a Jaguars game in the future season. Attendance at Jacksonville Jaguars games was almost at the bottom of the list of all NFL games last year. Hopefully, this event will be changing that for the upcoming season.

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