Jadeveon Clowney’s Bull-Rushing Is Turning Heads in Houston

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Last week’s display against the Saints should tell all, Jadeveon Clowney is ready to bring some chaos to the NFL. The Texas pass rusher left his mark on New Orleans using some insane amount of strength to bust through and tackle Andrus Peat and had a 14-yard sack. Clowney nearly jagged a second touchdown by doing it again to Zach Strief, bull-rushing the blocker like he was light as a feather.

“I like the sake that he got, I like that he was physical, his effort was crazy good and hopefully he keeps that drive,” Romeo Crennel, defensive coordinator for the Texans told Houston Chronicle.

“If he can keep running through them like nothing and getting sacks, maybe just one move will be alright,” Crennel told reporters. “You know everyone in this league is good, he’s going to run into someone where he’ll have to use more force and rage to break through but he’s working on that, lets all see how good he can get.” 

Clowney has is somewhat known for being a draft whiff, only because in his early career, some injuries kept him off the field. He was #1 overall pick though and was in 13 games last season and stood out on film as a beast. Gregg Rosenthal had noted about making his leap post on the 6’5” 265 pound outside linebacker “Clowney doesn’t shed blockers, he tosses them.”

We want everything to blossom right now, that’s what kind of world were in. But, the development of the NFL players doesn’t happen overnight, some are in and out of the scene and others slowly make their fame. In his 3rd season, Clowney appears to be more than ready to show his potential. 

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