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A few years ago, Jeremy Lin was the talk of the NBA and hands down the biggest star at that time. He has cooled off a bit since then and now is with the Brooklyn Nets now. The Brooklyn Nets need as much help as they can get at the point guard position this year, and they hope Lin can be the answer they are looking for. Lin has returned to the team after missing the last 17 games with a hamstring injury. Since his return, he has turned the Nets into a scrappy never give up type of ball club. The Nets need his effort more than anything moving forward this season. 

In barely 20 minutes, Lin scored 10 points and had seven assists, but the most obvious difference was his plus-17 rating. In each of his four playing stints, the Nets outscored the Rockets. “I was really thrilled,” Coach Kenny Atkinson said. “You usually expect a guy to be a little rusty, but I didn’t see that at all. He had great energy and played with good poise. I was just happy he didn’t try to do too much.” The Nets did not want to over play Lin in his first game back, but things are looking good for him moving forward.

Even during his 17 game absence, Lin was studying his teammates each game and trying to figure out ways to make them all better.  Center, Brook Lopez, said that Lin is there "guiding light." The team and the whole Nets organization is just super excited to have Lin back on the court. The team does not want Lin to rush back, as they know it will be a very long season, but just having him back in a limited capacity is already a positive thing. Lin knows he is not back to 100%, but he has found good things he did and bad things he did in his first game back with the Nets.

One thing for sure is that the Nets finally have their leader back and he is making an immediate impact. Lin said “I’m just trying not to be flashy or take over the game. I’m trying to play naturally. If I’m hot one night or if they’re giving me a certain thing, it’ll happen, but I don’t need to go and seek it.” Actually, Lin’s mere presence forcing the action toward the rim made a dramatic difference as the Nets outscored the Rockets in the paint, 68-36. It gave the Nets reason to believe again.

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