Kevin Durant's Streak Of At Least 20 Points a Game Ends at 72

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If you are a basketball fan, you have heard of Kevin Durant. He is an absolute monster on the basketball court. Durant recently held one of the toughest streaks to maintain in basketball. He was scoring at least 20 points per game for 72 straight games, which is unheard of these days in the NBA. Durant has been the NBA scoring champion numerous amounts of times in the NBA, but he has never won a championship him self. Although, this year could be different, as he was traded to the Golden State Warriors over the summer and they have a great team.

Durant's streak of 72 straight games, scoring over 20 points, was tied with the legend Michael Jordan. Durant was close to going over 72 games as he finished with 18 points in the last game missing it by only 2 points. He remained tied with Michael Jordan for the fourth-longest streak of 20 or more points in league history. Who knows when another player will come along and have a streak like this, as it is a major feat in a very competitive league. When Durant was asked about the streak, he seemed very cool and laid back about it.

Durant has accomplished almost every personal goal he can in the NBA. He is looking for that first title and he believes he is with a team that can get him there and give him the support he needs to get the job done. "It was cool while it lasted," said Durant, whose streak began on Nov. 23, 2015, while with Oklahoma City. "Up there with some great names. But I've got bigger goals in mind." He has his mind set on one goal and one goal only, to win a championship!

The Warriors recently have had two impressive streaks end in the last week. Warriors super star, Steph Curry, had his streak of 157 straight games, with a three pointer end as well. It seems as though no matter what streak the Warriors are on, or what records they break, they will not be satisfied without an NBA championship this year. Lately, their on the court playing, has really showcased that, as they have been playing great team ball, night in and night out. Kevin Durant's streak is over, but the season is young and his goal of his first NBA championship is the only thing on his mind right now.

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