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The Detroit Lions are in first place in their division, for the first time in a very long time. They have won more close games this season than any other team in the NFL. The Lions are barely beating teams, and only beating them by a few points. Their last 7 wins, they have only beaten the opponent by 7 points or less. Needless to say, each and every game they have played this year has come down to the wire. Again on Thanksgiving Day, against the Minnesota Vikings, it was the same case, as the game came down to a 3 point contest with only a few minutes left in the 4th quarter.

It seems if you are a Lions fan and you want to watch the rest of their games this season, do not worry about watching the first 3 quarters of the game, as that will just be a tease for you. All you need to concern yourself with is the last quarter, as each game they have played this year, has been extremely close and has come down to the very last few minutes of the game. For the seventh time this year, the Lions won, thanks to a dramatic fourth quarter comeback. This time around, Detroit got two field goals in the final 1:49 of the game on Thursday, to top the Vikings 16-13 in a win that puts the Lions in complete control of the NFC North.

Lions fans every year are used to seeing their beloved team play on Thanksgiving and it is a great tradition. However, I think that after this Thanksgiving’s dramatic win, against the Vikings, it will have Lion fans everywhere jumping with joy. The Lions are in first place and surely know how to win close games this year. Many Lion fans thought this year would be a down year, with the retirement of super star receiver, Calvin Johnson, coming over the offseason. For quarterback Matt Stafford, it might of actually been a good thing, as he is now throwing the ball all over the field and not keying in on just one player. The Lions games are becoming more exciting than any other event in the world with their week in and week out close games.

Even more amazing is that the win now means that Lions are 7-4, even though they've trailed in the fourth quarter of all 11 games they've played this year. To put that in perspective, the only other team to trail in the fourth quarter of every game is the Browns, and as you probably know, they're having a rough season. It is an unthinkable stat for a team that is leading their division, to have been down in the 4th quarter of every single game this season. This game must have felt like de-ja-vu for the Vikings. Just 18 days ago, Minnesota led Detroit 16-13, with just 23 seconds left in the game. However, the Vikings didn't win. Stafford led a comeback in that game and the Lions ended up pulling out a 22-16 win in overtime. Now the Lions control their own destiny and things are looking bright for the division leading Lions.

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