Louisville's Playoff Hopes Go Out the Door In Blow Out Loss To Houston

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Louisville came into Thursday night’s game against Houston and was trying to prove themselves and to make the 4 team college playoffs. They came in ranked number 5 in the country and if they won out, they had a great shot to make the playoffs. However, Houston had other things in mind for Louisville and it showed. From the opening kickoff of the game, Louisville received and fumbled the ball, giving Houston great field position from the get go. Louisville could not afford to lose any more games this season, but they did and their playoff hopes are now in the dumps.

Louisville fumbled multiple times in the game and that killed their chances of getting the win. They also allowed the Cougars to sack their Heisman hopeful quarterback a total of 11 times. To sack a quarterback 11 times in one game is unheard of these days. Louisville got beat in every phase of the game from offense, defense and special teams. Louisville had a great opportunity to make the playoffs this year, but all those dreams are now behind them, as they will most likely fall out of the top 10 rankings.

Houston really pulled out all the tricks on Thursday night and did not hide anything. While up 10-0 early in the game, Houston went for a fake punt on a 4th down and got the first down. shocking the Louisville players and fans alike. Then, later in the game they pitched the ball to their running back, who then threw the ball downfield, for another touchdown. This game got out of hand quick and with all the turnovers, Louisville could never recover. Louisville’s head coach said “We have worked more this year than he ever has on ball security." That clearly did not show on Thursday night.

The Cougars' up-tempo offense kept Louisville on their heels as Houston scored again on a 12-play, 73-yard drive. Then there were the penalties that Louisville had, totaling 15 in one game. This was the worst game Louisville played all season and it came at the worst time of the year for them. Super star, Lamar Jackson, had no time to do anything, as he was on his back most of the night. One thing for sure is that Houston came ready to play and it showed big time. The first-half stats were brutal for Louisville: zero points, two turnovers, six punts, 10 penalties, four sacks allowed, and a total yardage deficit of 242-92 and an average of 3.5 yards per play. Anytime you have stats like this in a given half, you most likely will not win the game. Louisville really needs to work on protecting their star quarterback and securing the ball.

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