Michael Phelps Finally Announces His Retirement 

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Michael Phelps will go down in history as the top Olympian of all time! If you have seen him swim in the past, you have seen greatness. After his most recent appearance in the Rio 2016 Olympics, when he dominated, once again rumors surfaced that he was going to retire after the games. Now we are finding out that the rumors are true and he has decided to retire from swimming. I mean what else does this guy really have to prove? Nothing, if you ask him when talking to him. Phelps has been an absolute monster since he stepped onto the world swimming stage many years ago.

Recently, in late September, Phelps traveled to Milan with his new wife, and when he got home he decided that enough was enough. It is time for this international super star to retire and start a life outside of swimming and winning multiple gold medals. It could have been a mix of wanting to try something different or just realizing that no matter who or where, he would dominate anyone in the pool. There simply was just nobody left in the world for Phelps to dominate in the water. A lot of people think his decision was affected by his recent marriage to his wife.

Phelps has said for months now that Rio would be his last Olympic Games and fans everywhere wondered how serious those statements were. This week, fans found out that Phelps was dead serious about those statements when he completed paperwork that took his name out of a drug-testing pool. Phelps turned to his agent, Peter Carlisle, and told him to get the proper paper work so he would not have to worry about people tracking him down for random drug tests anymore. Olympic athletes are under intense scrutiny and have strict rules and regulations they must adhere to, if they want to compete year after year. Phelps is over that whole system and is sick of being watched and always tracked by the Olympic governing body.

Phelps released a statement on his decision to retire from professional swimming: “I said to Peter, I was like, get the papers, can we just sign these things, so I don’t have to do the daily updates and everything?” said Phelps, referencing an exhausting “whereabouts system,” in which all athletes must fill out, so that drug testers can find them for surprise tests. “That was brutal [the whereabouts system]. It’s good. I’m still in the pool [recreationally]. I’m still not coming back. “- Of those drug-testing papers, Phelps reportedly said after his last swim in Rio, “Were the papers here, I’d sign them tomorrow.” Phelps told the press of his decision and the signing of the proper paper work Monday at a press conference. Phelps will go down in history as a true American hero for many fans in the world. 

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