Military Dad Surprises Daughter At Gymnastics Competition

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I love stories like this, a surprise like this is truly something amazing! This little girl's wish was to see her father on this day, during her competition, how many girls wish that? Only the few that have their mothers or fathers in the service. Bless their hearts to live without their parents for any length of time. The parents know this too, they live without their children.

I love how parents surprise their children at an event, it makes it that much more special to know that your wish came true on your special day. This father went out of his way and contacted everyone at the school, made this happen even without his wife knowing, that's amazing!! The mother/wife had to have been so shocked, she probably wanted to jump off of the bleachers to run to her husband that she hasn't seen in 5 months.

I just love this so much!! If anyone in my family was in the service and did this for me, it would definitely be something that I would remember forever! It's such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do for your family or friends who have missed you so terribly much, as you miss them as well, but to be able to surprise them with your presence is awesome!

Thank you sir, for your service, for your family, I thank them for their sacrifice. May your guardian angels watch over you every day and protect you. I support what you do, I send care packages, I do everything I can for this country. Thank you again! 

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