MJ's Top 10 Monster Dunks of His Career

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Surprised I was said the little green old master of the force. That’s what the voice inside told me when googling for a recording mic to record voice over to mask out the current of voices I was already hearing. Then the master says “Ask why surprised I was”, well I said because to my surprise I did not expect to find Michael Jordan for a recording mic and since were on the topic of Michael Jordan.

Well what a pleasure to discover the Jordan’s top ten dunks (mmm! Fresh donuts, concentrate man!) of his basketball career (sorry I was distracted there for a moment). So it would appear this would be another one of those videos of historical sport highlights and not a donut commercial to get you to eat a donut, too bad. I guess back then it paid to have owned a pair of “Air Jordan’s” because without those flying footwear Jordan would have needed a step letter or something to dunk those donuts into the net, I meant make those dunks . . . with the BALL!

I knew I wasn’t so crazy about the sudden flash of the donuts calling for me, buy and eat me when I could have sworn while watching this Dunk master that I saw one of those pop up ads promoting those flying shoes (I believe they were called Air Jordan), Well that subliminal message worked ‘cause I bought them to fly somewhere nice for my vacation instead of an expensive flight. It was a good idea at the time until I discovering that the shoes did not demonstrated no such power of flight and thus could not fly somewhere nice for my vacation which led me to purchase and book a very expensive flight to Disney World.

After learning my expensive lesson, I continued to watch this athlete in awe and realized why his the . . . wait for it . . . Dunk Master! We got some impressive basketball stuff here and since I figured it couldn’t hurt by keeping the Air Jordan’s shoes (Expensive is postage of shipping whispered the master) and give myself a go at this basketball dunking phenomenon, I mean how difficult could it be when I later found myself recounting my flight of fancy accident to the ER doctor sustaining a green stick fracture to my wrist in an attempt to perform an M.J slam dunk off the rim. After my injury I realized the force was not with me that uneventful day and left the dunking to the professionals. It was clear to me why he was Magic Jordan or am I confusing him with Magic Johnson but at any rate they were both masters and who am to judge whose better Jordan or myself, especially after my visit to the ER from attempting to emulating M. J’s display of his top ten dunks seen in this video. With that said, my favorite dunk was number eight it mistakenly speaks for itself. In conclusion Michael Jordan makes dunking look so easy but a word of warning or two . . . stay safe and out of harms reach especially a visit to the ER. 

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