MLB All-Star Game Will No Longer Decide Home Field Advantage In The World Series

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For many years, the winner of the MLB all-star game would decide who got home field advantage in the World Series. It was a terrible move on MLB's part, as most of the time the all-star games in any major sports are just a time for players to enjoy the festivities and take a weekend off. That has not been the case in Major League Baseball and the winner each year, no matter who was really trying got home field advantage. As a part of the new collective bargaining agreement, home-field advantage in the World Series will no longer be determined by the All-Star Game. Now home field advantage in the World Series will go to whichever team has the best regular season record.

I think all sports fans alike have been waiting for the MLB to finally make this change. All the players in the league have been happy since the decision was made early Thursday morning. After the 2002 MLB all-star game, where it ended in a 7-7 tie, the league voted to make the change to have the all-star game decide home field advantage. That agreement was extended to ’05 and ’06 and then was made permanent. Although this made no sense long term, as the team that had the best regular season record should get rewarded with home field advantage in the playoffs. 

None of the players in any professional sport take the all-star game as serious as any regular or playoff game. A lot of the time, the top players in the MLB all-star game only play a few innings and the same is said for the pitchers as well. Also, most of the time, the players have the mind set of ‘let’s not get hurt in this game.’ That being said, it is not fair to judge a player’s performance or reward any team for their performance in an all-star game. The American League has benefited much more than the National League from the rule, receiving home-field advantage as a result of winning 11 of the last 14 All-Star Games. 

Players and coaches in the MLB are just glad that the rule has now changed, as it makes the most sense to everyone involved.  The home team has won 56 percent of the 75 World Series games played since 2003. That being said, the AL has won six of the last 14 World Series overall. Case in point was this past year’s World Series, where the Cubs played the Indians, and even though the Cubs had the better regular season record, the Indians held home field advantage. That does not make any sense whatsoever, even if you ask a little leaguer who deserves home field advantage in this series. Times are changing in the MLB and everyone seems to be happy moving forward. 

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