Ohio State Beats Michigan In Overtime Thriller 

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This game was dubbed the game of the year and it did not disappoint at all. Last Saturday, the Michigan Wolverines traveled to Columbus, Ohio, to play the Ohio State Buckeyes at home. Each year, this rivalry is one of the biggest in sports, no matter the sport. However, this year was even bigger, as both teams were ranked in the top 5 and each team had their eyes set on a National Championship. They both play in the Big 10 conference, which has had a huge resurgence this year. The Big 10 conference has not been this competitive, with this many teams in the top 10, in years.

The scene was set and the stakes were high, as these two bitter rivals took the field on Saturday. It was an extremely close game the whole way through and neither team was giving much ground at all. There were turnovers on both sides and each defense seemed to stop the opposing team from making big plays. Michigan controlled things, most of the game, and it looked like they were going to get the win in "The Game". They let Ohio State hang around until the 4th quarter and then the Buckeyes made their move. The Buckeyes tied the game late in regulation, forcing the first overtime game ever in this bitter rivalry.

Once the game went to overtime, the tides quickly turned on the Wolverines. They had many chances to put away the Buckeyes, but did not capitalize late in the game, and now momentum was on Ohio States side. Coach Jim Harbaugh, of Michigan, was very upset at the officiating in the game and made that very clear after the game. Although, that did not change the fact that Ohio State was able to beat Michigan in a double overtime thriller, one that no college football fan will soon forget. No. 4 Michigan (No. 3 College Football Playoff Rankings) lost the most important game of its season because it dissolved in the fourth quarter. They had so many chances to put the Buckeyes away for good, but just could not get it done.

I am sure the trip back to Michigan was a very rough one for the Wolverines, who thought they should have won the game. Now Michigan might not even make the 4 team college football playoffs this year. That has been a goal of theirs the whole year, and to get so close and then lose is a devastating thing. Ohio State has now beaten Michigan the last 12 of 13 times they have played and not won in Columbus since the year 2000. “It sucks,” U-M co-captain Chris Wormley said. “You’re a fifth-year guy, you’ve never beaten Ohio State and you want this win as bad as possible. You don’t get this win and it sucks.” It would almost take a miracle for Michigan to now make the college football playoffs this year. 

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