Panthers Star Player Greg Hardy Is Still Feeling The Effects Of His Domestic Violence Case A Year Later

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The Carolina Panthers deactivated Greg Hardy from an incident that occurred back in July. It seems that in the wake of Ray Rice’s situation, the NFL is doing everything it can to clean up its messy handlings, proof of the power of public outcry.

Hardy was found guilty by a North Carolina judge back in July, for attacking his girlfriend and threating her life. The actual incident occurred in May, but the NFL did nothing about it.

The woman testified that the beating began when a song by rapper Nelly came on in the nightclub. She had previous relations with him, and when reminded, Hardy was angered. 

The story is still developing. The good news is that now that the NFL is taking a firm stand against domestic violence, this may reduce the likelihood of players taking part. Either that or they will get better at concealing things, which would be a backfire. Only time will tell.

This goes to show you, although we know these players on the field, their stats and voice on interviews, we know nothing about their personal lives. 

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