Patriots Win the AFC East For The 8th Straight Year

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When you think of current dynasties in the NFL, the first team that pops in your head should be the New England Patriots. For the last decade, they have been one of the most dominating teams in the NFL, and again this season is no different for them. They have had the same head coach and the same quarterback now for the past 16 seasons. That combination alone is something that most teams in the NFL never get to see. Most NFL teams are lucky to have the same head coach and quarterback there for a few years, and usually not more than 5 years. Against the Denver Broncos on Sunday, the Patriots were able to get a huge win on the road and win their 8th consecutive division title. 

The Patriots have won the last 14 of 16 division titles in the AFC east and are looking to get to another Super Bowl appearance this year as well. With the win yesterday over the Broncos, they secured a playoff spot and a first round bye; something that they are getting very used to in New England these days. The Patriots passed the Rams for the longest streak of division titles in NFL history. The Patriots are not done yet and the rest of the NFL better look out, because after dominating a very good Broncos team at home, they look like they are ready to make a push. 

The Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era continues to be one of the most successful in sports history. Even in years when you think the Patriots are having a down year, and when they have injuries, they are still able to win games. To start the 2016 season, Tom Brady was suspended the first 4 games. The Patriots, even without Brady, went 3-1 during that span of games. Now again, here we are in late December and the AFC playoffs again will run through New England. The Patriots home record in the playoffs is astonishing. Once again, Tom Brady will be able to lead a group of talented players to the NFL post season.

Bill Belichick is extremely happy with his team's success over the years, but if you were to ask him in an interview, he would not look excited at all. Through the years, he has kept his cool and it seems as though nothing can phase this hall of fame coach. When it is all said and done, Belichick will most likely go down as the highest game winning coach in the history of the NFL. He and Brady should own every record possible, as the two just keep on moving and keep winning games each week, no matter who is on the field with them.  

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