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The statistics are not one for lying nor in this occasion will it show that they ever will: by sales of his jerseys as an NFL player, Ezekiel Elliott has successfully made the numbers for actual purchases of his own jersey exceed that of any other NFJ jersey sold.

The former Ohio State University running back has given impressive and outstanding numbers for the Dallas Cowboys. As it turns out, players already in the league had established a 27-day head start on Elliot—Elliott, having drafted fourth on April, 28. Elliott’s jerseys were then available for preorder later that night.

April, 1 to June, 30 showed sales on NFLShop.com—the official league website—as Elliott beat Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots; despite Brady and the focus of Deflategate, finishing second. The next to follow these jersey sales was the wide receiver from the New York Giants, Odell Beckham Jr. After this came the quarterback from the Panthers, Cam Newton as well as the tight end, Rob Gronkowski again of the New England Patriots. As it is, Carson Wentz, having been picked second by the Philadelphia Eagles during the draft came in at a ranking of sixth.

Ohio State’s enormous fan base propelled Elliott into the league so vehemently that it is of not much surprise of the success in his jersey sales. It was in January of 2015 that Elliott scored no less than four touchdowns against Oregon. The Ohio State Buckeyes earned, by his efforts, their first College Football Playoff title. Because of Elliott’s great success, his jersey sales as he was drafted into the NFL should not necessarily come as a surprise.

Fanatics is the NFL website and, to their data, and much to the lack of any shock or surprise from their statements and commentaries therein, Columbus Ohio has stately ordered the most jerseys out of any other state or city.

Further attention, and most likely no small amount of raised eyebrows, came upon Elliott as he showcased his “crop top” appearance on the draft day red carpet. As his abs were clearly seen and flaunted, because he rolled up his jersey for the NFLPA Rookie Premier in May, turning more than just a few heads, and eyes. It was during this premier which Elliott officially adorned himself in the full jersey. Obviously Elliott will never be allotted such extravagant gestures, since the league rules jerseys must be tucked in pants and cannot be cut or torn.

The Dallas Cowboys store, however, does not hold to the sales of the jerseys from the official online store. The online store is run separately from the league’s team. The Cowboys hold total and sole control in sales and distribution of all their individual merchandise under the channels for its products.

Following a deal of $24.9 million, also including a $16.3 million signing bonus, it was in May Elliott came to his own under the contracted arrangement of the NFL. Elliott, in addition to this roaring success, established an entire separate contract and endorsement with none other than Nike.

After Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys’ next runner up for total sales in jerseys was wide receiver Dez Bryant, coming in ninth place. Tight end Jason Witten rounded out the list at number ten. These tallies are based off of statistics taken and calculated from April 1, 2015 to Jan 30, 2016.

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