Should Dak Prescott Be Looking Over His Shoulder After Recent Loss?

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Dak Prescott has been the “all-everything” quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys this season and has lead them to 11 straight wins. However, last Sunday the Cowboys lost to the New York Giants for the second time this season. Overall, the Cowboys did not play that great and Dak's performance was subpar, to say the least. Since the loss, the media has been saying Dak should be looking over his shoulder now and that Tony Romo might step in and take his starting job back.

Sometimes even the hottest players have to take a step back and get thrown back into reality. That seems to be the case for Prescott after last Sunday's loss to the Giants. The road does not get any easier, as the Cowboys are set to host the red hot Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday in primetime. The Bucs are winners of their last 5 games, and have one of the hottest defenses in the NFL over that streak. Surely the Bucs will be coming to hit and disrupt Prescott as much as possible. Prescott will have to play a good game and win back the confidence of the media, after he lost it just a few days ago.

At least this young star is finally getting a taste of how the NFL works; one week you are on top of the world and the next you are at the very bottom looking up. He failed to throw for at least 200 yards for the third consecutive game and doubled his interception total for the season in the loss to the Giants. Well, if Prescott is concerned, he’s not showing it. When asked if he’s looking over his shoulder after Sunday’s loss, the rookie didn’t appear to be worried. "What am I looking over my shoulder for?” Prescott told reporters Wednesday. “I really just don't pay attention to [the noise]."

Prescott is not worried right now, but if he continues to lose games, the so called ‘noise’ will only get louder. One thing that is good for the Cowboys, is that if they decide to bench Prescott for any reason, they have arguably the best backup in the NFL. This week will be a huge test for Prescott and the entire Cowboys team and the whole nation will be watching that game. Cowboys’ head coach fully supports Prescott moving forward, but could that change? "You can make it as simple or as complex as you want to make it," Garrett said. "It's pretty simple for us: Dak’s going to play quarterback as we go forward."

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