Steph Curry Hits a Record 13 Three Pointers in One Game

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Everyone and their mother think the Golden State Warriors will win the NBA championship this year. They were able to get super star, Kevin Durant, in the offseason and return most of the players that won a record amount of games last season. They also have last year’s MVP, Steph Curry, back and he is out for a vengeance. After leading the Cavs 3-1 and aiding them to come back and win the NBA championship last year, Steph Curry has something to prove. 

The Warriors were shocked in the first game of the season when they lost to a very good Spurs team. Since then they have gotten their act together and with new addition, Kevin Durant, they look unstoppable. Against a talented young New Orleans team, Steph Curry sure showcased his shooting power. Curry buried 13 triples in a 116-106 victory, over the New Orleans Pelicans at Oracle Arena. That snapped the single-game record of 12, held by Kobe Bryant, Donyell Marshall and Curry.

Curry is still not done breaking records and it seems the last few years, that that is all he has been doing in the NBA. If he and partner Klay Thompson are shooting lights out, along with super star Kevin Durant in the mix, it is outright scary what this team could do. Curry said after the game, he was in the zone, and just couldn't be denied. The Warriors have had a huge target on their backs, but they look ready for the challenge.

Curry’s record-breaker came on a pass from Draymond Green, with 2:23 left in the game, and pushed his points total to 46. Anytime Curry is scoring over 40 points in a game, it is a good guess they are winning the contest. If Curry can maintain this type of play, I am sure that they will go deep in the playoffs and could potentially meet the powerful Cleveland Cavs again in the NBA championship game. Then, it would put Curry against other super star, Lebron James, a matchup any basketball fan would love to see again.

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