Teen with Autism Has Sweetest Reaction to Cheerleader Asking Him to Prom

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Mikal is an amazing girl to be asking her good friend Jonathan to prom. Most girls would never think to do something so sweet, so kind, to think he should enjoy this prom just as much as anyone else, Mikal really has a good heart! It's so sweet how she went about it, the cake & balloons, she went all out for her friend and his reaction is priceless!!

Would you spend your prom with someone with autism? I would. I have been around so many autistic people and they are quite fun in the right atmosphere! I think Mikal and Jonathan are going to have a great time and have this memory that will last a lifetime! Mikal could have went with anyone, she's a very pretty girl, I'm sure she had boys asking her left and right but she knew who she wanted to go with!

I absolutely love this! Being autistic isn't always the easiest thing to cope with. It's not curable, it's no joke, there are many things that could ruin your life if you allow it but he clearly doesn't and I'm so happy to see that! Mikal is seriously so awesome for this and I hope there are many, many other girls out there that do this for someone special! The bond between those two seem to be great too, friends for years, that's awesome!

Don't always judge a book by it's cover, this guy has one hell of an attitude! He was so shocked, so happy, so grateful to go with his friend!! I hope they make King & Queen, how cool would that be? That would be something Jonathan would remember forever! Vote for Mikal and Jonathan!!!

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