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In Texas, football is life no matter what age or level you are. They say that in Texas, as soon as you are born, your parents put a football in your hand. Football is almost as big as religion, in the great state of Texas. That is why people in Texas have been in shock the last few years, as the once great University of Texas Longhorns, have been really struggling lately. Fans everywhere are wondering what the issue is as they know it cannot be due to lack of talent. Texas high school football produces some of the best athletes in the country. The only rational thought that UT fans are having, is that it must be the coaching and that falls on Charlie Strong.

Recently, reports have surfaced that University Of Texas is calling for head coach Charlie Strong to get fired. When these reports started coming up in the local news, the Texas football team started to speak up and let the press, and everyone else, know that they did not want Coach Strong to be fired, and that they want him there with them. Even now many of the Texas football players are saying if the reports are true, and coach Charlie Strong will be fired, that they will be boycotting their final game this Friday, against state rival TCU. This speaks volumes for how the players feel about their coach and what they will do to make a statement.

Anytime a healthy football player is willing to sit out of a game, with no injuries, that is huge. The Texas football team does not want their head coach to go anywhere and that is evident in their actions this week. All these reports started coming up after Texas lost to Kansas last Saturday and they will now not even make a bowl game this season. As soon as the reports came up, the frustration in the locker room was huge. Many players have since come out on local social media channels and voiced their opinions on the status of their head coach.

One thing is true in the state of Texas, and that is that things must change and must change fast at the state's most popular football university. Even if Coach Charlie Strong stays at Texas, there overall performance over the last few years has been subpar, to say the least. Strong will address his future at Texas in his next press conference. No matter the outcome, people in this football state and at this university have not been happy since the days of Vince Young. It is great to see loyal players sticking up for their coach. Nonetheless, Coach Strong shows that even if they are not winning a lot of games, he has been doing something right.

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