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Each year americans and non-americans alike join together for one of the arguably favourite all-American family pastimes; watching football. The Super Bowl is held every year end of January, as the sports biggest game of the year. On average, commercials that make their way to the Super Bowl pay about 5 million dollars for about thirty seconds of airtime! 

Drake and his t-mobil commercial landed the top 50 commercials list for the Super Bowl of 2016. With an opening scene conveying an interruption by inconvenient charges on a commercial set, Drake is interrogated by contract based phone companies. Being a music icon and celebrity, his performance in the commercial landed t-mobil one of the top slots. 

Another great commercial was done by Christopher Walken. He is depicted as a voice playing a subconscious choice in a man's bedroom closet searching for a 'beige sock'. He is overtaken by the need to be different and decided to choose the colourful sock instead of the plain beige. He unlocks the secret passageway that leads him to the new KIA and a whole new world of Pizzazz. 

Heinz also made their way into the Super Bowl by tackling a more 'homeward bound' approach for some good American country cook outs. Running into the foreground a troop of dachshunds parade across the screen happily dressed in hot dog costumes. The scene ends when the frolicking hot-dog wearing pups fall into the arms of their favorite Heinz Ketchup and Heinz Mustard. A mouth watering goal! 

A party favorite chip company, DORITOS also made an impactful debut. The commercial begins in an ultrasound room, where doctor, pregnant wife, and husband all gather over an ultrasound screen of the baby. The husband is discovered to be eating a bag of crunchy doritos while standing next to his his wife, as she throws the chip past her feet in disbelief. Suddenly, the baby in her stomach is shown clearly on the monitor leaving her body in search of this exceptionally tasting chip. All persons face change in disbelief!

Commercials have been around since 1941 when the first of its kind was presented to the television world in New York City over a baseball game. Many companies have been using visual commercials in order to target a bigger audience for their various products for sale in stores. The Super Bowl commercials are known for being usually the most watched, as well as most entertaining. Stay tuned for 2017's Super Bowl show (literally) behind the scenes!

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