The NFL Playoffs Are Here & The Hottest Teams Are Ready For A Championship

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The NFL playoffs are finally here again, and fans all around the country are getting excited about their team's chances of winning a Super Bowl. The usual suspects are back again, such as the Patriots, Steelers and Seahawks. It seems as though each season in the playoffs, the number one seeds have the upper hand in reaching the Super Bowl and hoisting the Lombardi trophy. If you have the number one seed in your conference, like the Patriots and Cowboys both do, that means that you get home field advantage throughout. Having home field advantage is huge for these teams, especially the Patriots, as usually this time of the year it is cold and snowy in Foxboro, giving the home team a big advantage.

However, in the past years, the number one seed does not always win the Super Bowl. A lot of the time, it is the hottest team that wins, who enters the playoffs on a hot streak. That has happened to the Steelers, Packers and the Giants in recent years, who each entered the playoffs as the number 6 seed in their respective conference and ended up winning the Super Bowl. As the 6 seed, you have to play every game in the playoffs away, until you reach the Super Bowl, which is extremely difficult in the NFL. Again this year, some of the hottest teams in the NFL barley made it into the playoffs and are in at the bottom seeds. “This game is about when you can get hot,” Ben Roethlisberger said Wednesday. “It’s important to play your best football late in the season, when it matters the most.”

In this years playoffs, the hottest team in the NFL has to be the Green Bay Packers, who won the last 5 games straight, to end the season. The Packers went from being on the outside of the playoff picture, to winning their division in Detroit last weekend. Again, this proves that the most important time of the season to be playing good is the end, and it can propel you to the playoffs and even a Super Bowl as well. That’s why the Steelers and Packers are so dangerous, as the NFL playoffs open this weekend. Both teams are on fire right now, and I am sure that none of the other team in the NFL want to play them at this point. They both have veteran quarterbacks who have won Super Bowls and are used to the long NFL season.

So beware top seeds. In each of the past three seasons, the No. 1 seeds, from both the AFC and NFC, advanced to the Super Bowl. How rare is that? Since the playoff field was expanded to 12 teams in 1990, that had never happened three years in a row. This year's playoffs again will be nonstop action, and the field of teams hasn't been so close in a long time. The Patriots are the favorite to win this year's Super Bowl, but they need to be fully aware of the 4-6 seeds that are all gunning for them. Even in Dallas, it will be fun to watch the two star rookies, who have led the Cowboys in their best record they have had in over 10 years. The biggest thing moving forward, for any team in the playoffs, is to see which team can stay healthy. That is the most important thing this time of the year by far.

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