The Top 10 Longest Dunks In NBA History

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Basketball was invented in the good ol United States. It was invented in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891. Since then has been an extremely popular American sport. Each year the NBA grosses millions of dollars in revenue. Revenue from televised games, fans filling stadiums, and merchandise. If first hit sport college teams then quickly there were professional teams. It soon became a very important part of the American culture.

It was first invented as a alternative to football. A physical education teacher named James Naismith wanted a sport that was safer than football, something that was less prone to accidents. He also wanted to create an indoor sport for training athletes during the cold weather seasons. He found the perfect game to do both.

As the sport gained popularity athletes began to finesse their moves. NBA stars invented the slam dunk. A slam dunk is when a player leaps in the air with tremendous height with the ball and puts it in directly into the basket while touching the rim. The term “slam dunk” was a term coined by Chick Hearn. Chick Hearn was a sports announcer for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Slam dunks are hands down the most impressive way to score points in basketball. The most impressive slam dunks are the ones who start far from the hoop. We've compiled a video of some of the longest slam dunks in NBA history. These dunks are incredible. Some of these athletes began their leap from behind the free throw line. Watch them fly across the court. 

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