The Top 4 College Football Teams Have a New Look This Week

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One thing has been the same all season long in college football and that is Alabama has remained the number one team all year long. It doesn't look like Alabama will be going anywhere anytime soon as they look unbeatable. Alabama has been blowing out teams left and right this season. They still have to play cross state rival, Auburn, and will have to play in the SEC championship in a few weeks. However, this year the SEC east has not looked nearly as strong as they have looked in the past, and whoever they get in the championship game, most likely will not be able to beat Alabama.

After Alabama, the next 3 best teams have switched over the last week, because now they all have one loss. The intrigue centered on where No. 2 Clemson, No. 3 Michigan and No. 4 Washington would fall after all three lost on Saturday. The first time teams ranked Nos. 2, 3 and 4 lost on the same day since Oct. 19, 1985. Michigan and Clemson remained in the top four, but Washington fell to number 5 and is out of the playoffs for now. Many big games are ahead, and the biggest one is Ohio State vs Michigan, in a few weeks. That game should determine which one of those teams will remain in the top four and will get a shot at a national championship.

This season has been an up and down one in college football, with upsets all over the place. Teams know now that it is the final stretch of the season, and if they can get into the top four, then they will have a shot at the national championship trophy. In other top 25 news, Florida moved back into this week’s rankings after a one-week timeout; while Stanford made its first appearance of 2016. Texas A&M remains in the rankings by a fingernail, after losing to both Mississippi schools in the past two weeks. Teams know the time is now, and with everyone having at least one loss besides Alabama, teams cannot afford another loss, or they will have no shot in getting into the playoffs.

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