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If you get a "Thug Life" video made about you. You know it has been a good day. Look at Big Papi running around the bases. He doesn't need anything written or talked about what he did. He is already the biggest "thug life" in most fans eyes already. Now do you understand why he got his nickname "Big Papi"? I sure do! 

Thug Life was brought to attention by the social media. Everyone loves these videos because they make you laugh at some hilarious things people do. In this case we are targeting the Major League Baseball. It involves fans, players, coaches and even mascots. I promise when you are finished watching this video you will want to tell you friends about it. That right there is how "thug life" has gotten to be so popular. There is nothing better than a good laugh while watching some historic moments of baseball. 

Thug Life is one of the best Major League Baseball video clips that you will ever come across. It involves everyone that has the love for baseball. It may be players, coaches and even fans that get the "thug life" status. This is actually one of my top favorite videos that I have come encounter with in a very long time. If you love baseball and you do a "thug life" action. You might see yourself on here.

The biggest "thug life" award goes to the little boy who swaps out the baseball to impress the girl behind him. That little boy is mature beyond his years. For him to think about that, in that short amount of time, is literally hysterical. I can only imagine when that boy grows up he is going to be nothing less than a ladies man. You can count on that. His dads reaction is priceless. He rolls his eyes and doesn't even have to say a word but you can tell that he is thinking "that's my boy".

The players in the MLB have the ultimate "thug life" actions in everyday games. There athletic skills are the real thug life in my eyes. I think some of the plays that these players do at this elite level is amazing. It takes one talented baseball player to complete some of these outstanding throws, catches or even hits. This video just makes baseball a little more interesting and more exciting than it already is.

I am still laughing hysterically about the Dodgers coach, going after the mascot. If you think about it, that's a true coach and a guy that has more love for his team, players and organization than anyone. He doesn't want anyone mocking or making fun of anything that had to do with the Dodgers. So, he decided to put an end to that real quick. Chased down the mascot, rolled his four wheeler away and took the doll making fun of his organization. That's what I call the ultimate "thug life". GO DODGERS! 

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