Thunder Guard Russell Westbrook Is Playing Lights Out Lately

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Russell Westbrook, of the Oklahoma City Thunder, has been playing lights out and mad this season. Each night, he has come out with such passion and determination that everyone in the NBA has taken notice. Even former NBA players and legends are noticing the type of intensity that Westbrook is playing with. Michael Jordan is the latest legend that has taken notice of Westbrook's play. It has been a rough year for the Thunder star guard, as he lost his long time teammate and all-star forward, Kevin Durant. To make things even worse, Kevin Durant went to the Golden State Warriors, which is the team that beat the Thunder in the Western Conference Championship game last season.

Nobody in the NBA is playing harder than Westbrook right now and he wants to win more than anyone. Maybe it is because of the exit of his running mate and he is out to prove a point. So far this season, he has been doing a lot more than just proving a point. If they gave the MVP trophy away tomorrow, it would go into the hands of Westbrook. He has come out this year and put his team on his back, and is showing up in all phases of the game. His numbers alone have been mind boggling, as he is almost averaging a triple double every time he steps foot on the court.

Westbrook has been averaging 31.8 points, 9.8 assists, and 9.5 rebounds a game. If he can maintain these numbers throughout the season and get the Thunder to the playoffs, he will surely be the MVP. So far, he has the Thunder off to an 8-5 start on the season, and with not too much help behind him. Hall of famer Michael Jordan has taken notice of Westbrook's play this season. Jordan really likes what he sees in Westbrook and that he sees a lot of himself in Westbrook. Recently, Westbrook was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall Of Fame, where Michael Jordan introduced the star guard. “I am truly a fan of his. If you can ever say, being that we’re so many years apart, that when I watch him play, I see a lot of resemblance of his passion for the game of basketball [to] the way I played the game of basketball…"

Anytime a super star, such as Michael Jordan, is saying these things about you, chances are you are doing something right. Michael Jordan is now the GM of the Charlotte Hornets and he even said in 2008 that they tried to move up in the draft to take Westbrook but couldn't get him. Comparing someone to himself is the highest praise from Jordan, and only a few (Kobe Bryant most recently) have gotten that. It’s fitting for Westbrook, because nobody plays with a bigger chip on their shoulder than Westbrook in today’s game, and that’s what he most has in common with MJ. Westbrook still does not compare himself to Jordan, saying that Jordan is still the best of all time and that he has a lot of work to do, to even be named in the same sentence as Jordan. For now, if Westbrook keeps playing the way he is, the Thunder will keep getting better and hopefully will make the playoffs.

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