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Miroslav Klose from Germany celebrates after scoring against Ghana in 2014 Fifa's World Cup. What an excellent quick picture taken by Reuters. Taken place in Fortaleza on June 21, 2014 was one of the most memorable celebrations.

Football's Most Memorable Celebrations in Soccer History

One of the best captures of celebrating after scoring winning goal.

It all boils down to the most goals a team gets and ultimately takes home the trophy; 90 minutes of nothing but fun and hard competition. That is why every goal that a team scores becomes a celebration and it's mainly for the fans. Football includes alot of skill, technique, thrill and excitement and the main objective is to simply score goals.

The feeling of making that goal is an endless feeling of accomplishment, dedication and commitment. Every goal is worth a huge celebration while fans look forward to celebrate with their team. Goal celebrations will never go out of fashion.

Take a look at some of the best goal celebrations in Football history. That was some head butt by Violani coming in at number nine. Another appreciation by Florenzi aka The Ultimate Grandchild coming in at number seven; They are having the most fun apparently.

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