Top Ten Trick Plays of College Football

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Unbelievable trick plays by College Football athletes put on a show. These plays will blow your mind and make you go back to look at the same play at least a few times. A trick play can also be referred as a gadget play or a gimmick play that uses deception and unorthodox tactics to fool the opposing team in American football. Trick plays obviously are successful, but it's risky; they offer the potential for a large gain or a touchdown if it's successful.

Seeing a college football team execute a pre-planned bit of deception to perfection is one of the many great pleasures of the game. Each play holds its own special place in the annals of the team that pulled it off. Every now and then trickery is needed to spice things up and pull off a big play. You'll see the Presbyterian College pull off a very creative trick play against Wake Forest in 2010. In addition, Nebraska pulled off one of the most famous trick plays of all time in the 1984 Orange Bowl. 

An attempt to place the defense out of position by starting action in one direction then completing it in another which is known as common trick plays. The defense simply reacts without considering the possibility of the ball carrier changing mid-play. A play action pass is one of the most common forms of deception is the use of a play action pass. 

A Fake Punt can take a number of different forms; usually the punter will simply take the snap and look to throw a pass or run with the ball after the defenders have turned downfield to block for the punt return. As with the fake punt, there are a number of different forms for a fake field goal. Similarly to the fake punt, usually the holder will throw or run. 

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