Usain Bolt, He’s Kind Of A Big Deal

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Lighters down, go easy, calm down. The veteran TV man has had an experience journalists typically don’t want to admit to. He fell in love with his subject, the story he was working on. When this does happen and it’s somewhat rare, you can see it all over their face. It’s all within their mannerism, the layup questions and how they come across to the subject.

Like any good subject, Costas had a lot of time into hanging out with the Jamaican track star Usian Bolt. During an interview about Bolt’s 100-meter race, the interview took a big turn when he asked Bolt “Explain to an American, being as modest as you can, how big you are in this county.” The question took Bolt back, he didn’t know what to say but he stepped up “I’m…I’m a big deal, everybody loves me,” he replied with a grin.

Rewind a few years after Bolt had just had his third gold in the 2012 London games, we all saw Bolt through a completely different lens. Just shortly after his 100-meter race, Bolt was completely out of breath but found a camera and followed it along the track, he loves to be in the spotlight when in his race. They had been denying him for so many years, he wanted to prove himself, Bolt shouted “All season they have been saying, who is number one? Who is the legend, who is it going to be? Me! I’m number one, every day, all day, believe me, it’s me!!” 

Here we are, just 4 short years later and Costas is showering Bolt with praise and turning twitter when comparing runners. “With apologies to all you reggae fans, I think Bolt has even outdistanced Bob Marley.” There is not a doubt in mind that Bolt is more popular in his country, he’s known as the fastest man in the world at just 29 years old.

“I’m a big deal, it’s not about the money or fame, this is all about self-worth, so big up, chest out, stand proud and don’t matter ‘bout nobody so rather walk or drive your car, it’s better if you white or black like tar, push up hand and tell all the haters that I’m a big deal,” Bolt said. So when Bolt is asked the big deal question, he has the right answer every single time, “I’m a big deal, everybody loves me and for me to be compared to Bob Marley, it says it all.”

Ask any Jamaican and they’ll tell you that Bolt has a Marley quality, “He’s a great person, a true competitor.” If you’re around him on a daily basis, he’s a jokester, he loves to laugh, loves to help other people. On the track, he’s completely different; he’s a hard worker, very dedicated. Bolt doesn’t ever think he needs validation from anyone, he does it for himself. You have to love yourself and know your self-worth. You’ll be a lot more successful if you love yourself. 

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