Warriors Defeat Clippers While Steph Curry Hits Zero Three Pointers

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Sometimes in sports, one team just has the other team's number and they are able to beat them over and over again, no matter the circumstances. Well in the NBA, this is the case every time the Warriors have played the LA Clippers lately. The Warriors have beaten the Clippers the last 8 of 9 times they have played each other. If the Clippers plan on ever making it to the NBA finals, at some point they will have to get past the Golden State Warriors, which has been difficult for them to do lately. Wednesday night was no different for the Clippers, as they lost again to the Warriors, who did not even have a good shooting night at all.

The LA Clippers started the season at 10-1 and were the hottest team in the NBA to start, but since have cooled off big time. The Warriors disposed of the Clippers and silenced the noise and this time with relative ease, winning 115-98, which is a seventh straight Warriors road victory and seventh consecutive win over the Clippers. The Clippers will have to be able to beat the top NBA teams in the west moving forward, if they want to contend for a title. The Clippers opened the game 2-0 off a Blake Griffin mid-range jumper to start and then they never led the rest of the game. 

The Clippers have had one of the best teams in the NBA the past few years, but have not been able to get over the hump. Talent does not seem to be the issue at all, as they are loaded with talent all over the court. They have all-stars on their roster, so that is not the problem. It is all in their head. The Clippers turned the ball over 9 times in the first quarter alone and fell behind bad. “When we run the way we run, especially live-ball turnovers, those 3-on-1s, you got to pick your poison,” Kevin Durant said. “We get layups, wide open 3s. When we get out and run, that kind of ignites us.”

The craziest thing about the game was that the Warriors did not even shoot the ball well all night long. The Clippers just kept on making mistake after mistake throughout the night, which kept setting them back. Steph Curry didn’t hit a 3 pointer, for only the second time in his past 174 career games, both in Staples Center this season. He went 0-of-8 overall. The Warriors went 7-of-30 as a team, despite Draymond Green going 3-of-5. So it wasn’t a typical night from deep. However, it didn’t need to be. When the Warriors shoot this bad and you still don't beat the, then that is a problem. It is early in the NBA season, but the Clippers need big time wins like this to boost their confidence moving forward. 

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